This account is much more open to writing about sensitive topics. My main account is much friendlier - it still has the same detail as any story that may be on here, but I tend to try and find my way around potentially triggering topics on it. On this account, I'm more open to cursing, writing about death/violence, and etc.
If you do not like this, then I suggest you don't read the books and such I'll be posting on this account, and go back to my main instead. If you just simply don't like me or my books in general, then please get off my profiles instead of leaving hate or complaining or other things of the sort, there's no need to be wasting your time.


This is just an alt account.
My main is @LogicIsntReal !
(Go follow it, please?)

This account is mostly just for side books (alternate ideas and such that I had in mind for anything I might actually post on my main account - AUs of things I write, extra things, plot ideas that weren't able to be used, bits of chapters that were edited out, etc.).

Peace! Enjoy your stay! <3
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