❝I'm the queen of the reapers!❞

⛧About Me;

Hayley Rose Crimson
Leviathan • Cataluna Reaper

Writer • Roleplayer • Graphic Designer
20 • Pansexual • She/They • Nonbinary
Egalitarian • Agnostic • Liberal • Single • Kinky
INTP • Cancer • Ravenclaw • Chaotic Good
Neurodivergent • Hypersexual • Proshipper
Multifandom • Multishipper • Problematic

I'm always hungry and horny

I have a proclivity for cats, coffee, tea, rain, horror and paranormal stories/movies/shows, music, anime, fictional serial killers, vampires, the occult, mythology, psychology, incense, plants, creepy stuff, and fictional gore.

⛧Other Accounts;

Main/Fanfic || @BiersacksKitten
Hannibal || @MurderDaddies
Black Butler || @lovebxllets
The Flash || @RalphDibny
Hannibal Group || @FannibalFamily

⛧Main Ships;

Hannigram • Sebaciel • Lestat x Louis • Soulbates
Romancek • Veddie • Thorki • Villaneve • Johnlock
Rules • Ineffable Husbands • Reddie • Tsumane
Mosercest • Harlivy • Destiel • Victuuri • Elongflash
Constangreen • Armand x Daniel Molloy • Wincest
Alucard x Trevor x Sypha • Beelzebub x Belphegor

⛧Main Fandoms;

Hannibal • Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji • IT • Dexter
Bates Motel • The Vampire Chronicles • Castle Rock
Obey Me • Castlevania • AHS • BVB • MCR
Hemlock Grove • Penny Dreadful • Death Note
The Good Doctor • Good Omens • Tokyo Ghoul
Resident Evil • Supernatural • Sherlock • Killing Eve
TBHK • Killing Stalking • Marvel • DC • Disney
Stephen King • Dean Koontz • Tim Burton


Since fiction is not reality; I read, watch, write, ship, or otherwise enjoy any kind of fictional content I want. Just because I like something in a fictional setting doesn't mean I support it in reality, my fictional preferences do not reflect my in real life morals.

❝The ripest fruit there is!❞
  • I'm Lestat's juicebox
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The Bone Garden || Original
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To Court Death || Original by HayleyCrimson
To Court Death || Original
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