any ideas for headcanons? (bungo stray dogs)


@HarukaTomoe I don't know but maybe domestic headcanons for anyone with their s/o?


hey, are you still active on wattpad? i just wanted to say you are a very talented writer, and for while i’ve been looking up to you ❤️ whenever you see this, have a good one! 


          I published a knb one shot book and I'd appreciate it if you found time to check out a few stories and maybe comment on where I can improve.
          I take requests, and I assure you that my stories won't disappoint you at all!
          I'd like to reach my goal of 20k reads on my book before its 2nd anniversary, too :) 
          Thank you and have a great day!


Your profile picture just stab with hahah hiiii haileyyyy~! i know we don’t communicate that much anymore but i miss yaaa! I hope you’re doing amazing! ily ❤️❤️