My name is Hannah L.M Alexander. I love movies. I love music. I love boys. I love horses. I love The Walking Dead season 9 and Daryl Dixon. I'm 20-years old which is a surprise if it already wasn't. 

I love heavy metal,pop,hard rock,death metal, indie, alternative, goth, EDM, dance, house (music genre),synth,electronic,electronica,new age,Indian music, Arabic music, trap music,techno,soundtracks from movies,movie soundtracks with dialouge in them,club mix music such as Tradelove's Around The World by ATC. I love horror movies,thriller movies,action movies, adventure movies, fantasy movies,romance movies,sci-fi movies such as E.T and Godzilla from 2014.

I love monster movies,movies with tons of explosions such as the Transformer franchise. I love the reboot of the original Halloween movies which are Rob Zombie's Halloween 2007 and Halloween 2 2009. I also like TV series such as The Walking Dead season 9 like I just mentioned earlier. I don't like The Outsiders very much,but I tend to read some of that stuff if I'm bored.

I like to read books such as horror,romance,thriler,comedy,rom-com,humor, teen fiction,adventure,sci-fi,apocalyptic,dystopian,post-apocalyptic such as The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. I like horses such as The Black Stallion which is why I'm sometimes into it when there's nothing else to do in my ongoing life.

I love boys such as a boy that I have,or still have,a crush on. His name is Sean Douglas and he's 15-years old. I tried to win his heart at school a bunch of times and failed miserably because of my desperation for love. But i might find someone soon enough before I'm completely out of love entirely.

I love summer camps such as Big Heart Camp which was what I recently went to this month for four days in an attempt to make some new friends until I found a boy who would do the usual"Will you be my girlfriend"thing without even knowing. I also like riding my bike around the city. I also like seasons Spring & Summer. .
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