Hi everyone! I reacted to Louder 6 years later on my YouTube channel  If anyones still out there go check it out xo


@Hanisnotonfire07 bruh i read this book in like 4th grade rip </3


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@Hanisnotonfire07 holy SHIT


@Hanisnotonfire07 bro I missed you


Hello! You are probably not using Wattpad anymore but I was wondering if you will ever publish all the chapters to Louder again. I really loved that book it brings me memories from when I first joined the Phandom I was going to read it for nostalgia but none of the chapters were there :( hopefully they will be back again... I hope you have a nice day/night! :)


Hey Hanisnotonfire07 i didn't get the chance to read Louder 2 i only get to read the Bio of the book or the Story Info of the book. Do u know what happened to it because its not there anymore & i REALLY wanna read it cause the First Louder Book was my favourite book of all times..... So i wanna read the Second Louder 2 book PLEASE with the cherry on top