So... I'm pretty average, to be honest. 

I'm twenty-five years old, and still kicking. A high school graduate, working towards my second Associates degree; first was Criminal Justice, and now working towards an Art.

I'm an amateur poet, as well as a mediocre writer. I pursue painting in my free time, at least, when the spare moments and inspiration allow me.

I have the possibility write about so many different things; every single moment of the day, my muse pulls me in millions of different directions at once. Yet, for now, I think I might focus on the few I've had soaking and aging in the paint-stained mason jar I call a head.

Even if my works' may not be the best, I promise you, I will give them my absolute effort to make them worthy of all you beautiful souls. Thank you for gracing me with your time. I do hope you enjoy the works I present to you for your enjoyment.

Sincerely, Hadley.
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