hi, i just wanna drop by and say your work is so good! personally, it's rare to find a good isekai book without cringey writing but yours is very good :D if you're planning to write another book, i'm pretty sure it'll be amazing too! hope you have a good day <3


I love your work. It is amazing


I just finished reading "Reincarnating into a beautiful woman" & and it's so good. You made me cry twice, the plot is good and quite unpredictable. I just wish to ready more of your works. Keep safe 


Read your book in 4 hours. It was amazing


I love your book 'Reincarnating into a Beautiful Women!' It inspired me so i've written a story really similar to it called 'My Miyu'- if anyone who enjoyed this could read it I would really appreciate it! Also again I loved the book!


Hi I just found Reincarnating into a Beautiful Woman a couple hours ago, and can’t stop reading it until recent chapter! It was soooooo gooodddd  I was surprise its only have 400k-ist reads. Because its THAT good!
          I hope you’re staying safe & healthy, and please keep uploadingg. Takes your time, I’ll happyly and patiently waiting☺️


Hi permission to post?
          "The RAPTURE will begin soon."
          Don't waste time. Dont wait for the time where you would beg God to accept you when you did nothing to hold on unto Him.


Excuse me Gukim1234 have you watched Hazbin hotel and helluva boss right in YouTube to be correct 


Please update ms.a , in excited to the next chapter .. please .. 


Hi!when will you update to the novel you made