Grebby20 long has it been?  If it hasn't become obvious, I'm rarely on here.  I'm sorry, but I've sorta left this part of me behind.  Hopefully I'll return because I miss writing; I truly do.  I miss this community.  However, my interests and goals and life have all changed.  I'm not sure what the point of this message is, but I'm still alive {just never on here is all.}  Feel free to talk at @itriedtophoto on instagram...
          	All these memories hidden in this website/app is making be unbelievably nostalgic.  Thank you all for everything.


@Grebby20 NJ hey grebby will uh please repost the sequel? And btw I also wanted to know that why uh deleted it? 


Hello Grebby.
          I need to ask you something important.
          Where are your sequels to 'adopted by one direction'?
          I have been hunting for them for AGES so...
          Please get back 2 me on this.
          Bye, and Thanks!!!
          Mallika xxx


please please please


Pls don't let lily die,  I can't bear it seriously,  I've been crying for four days in a row,  pls let it be a dream or something I'm begging pls


Hey can you tell me where love after lily is...I kind of want to read it...n by the way I like ur story