"My name is one you should remember because it will be the last thing you will hear. "

There is no greatness in him by any stretch of the imagination. Savage and coldblooded, he does what he needs. He takes after no standards, rather wanting to make destruction wherever he goes. Fighting is the thing that he bests and won't waver to leave a scar. That is, whether he is feeling pleasant. If not, the best choice is to hide out and prey he never discovers you. Extremely demanding and relentless, he takes what he needs regardless of the amount he harms the ones around him. He is a savage executioner, yet more often than not he will save ladies and youngsters. Be that as it may, much the same as whatever is left of him, he is eccentric so you never know whether he really will remain to his own particular ethics or not.

Human: http://img2.goodfon.ru/wallpaper/big/4/f0/devil-may-cry-dante-demon-4345.jpg

Reaper: http://img10.deviantart.net/23cf/i/2011/278/6/3/angel_of_death_by_dvdgod-d4bwv3i.jpg
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