I have no idea how on earth you found me in this wattpad jungle but thank you for adding "Through Time and Impossible" to your reading list! I do hope you enjoy the story. I just feel so excited when I find out people actually read my works so thank you for being you and being awesome.  


Dedicated to the victim of the Hathras Gang Rape Case in Uttar Pradesh, India
          They came upon me, like pestle on morter. They took everything from me- my innocence, my sanity. They tore apart my clothes and forced themselves on me. I cried for help, I pleaded to them to stop but to no avail. It only spurred them further. They tortured me, they beat me almost to my death. They cut my tongue as they didn't want to listen to my pleas and screams. They broke my spine, both literally and figuratively. And they left me to die.....
          Read to find out


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