@RosesAndRaindrops haha yes :) and I will be updating soon :) If things work out... I might even update today :) 


Please update your book!!! It was the best thing I have ever read.. literally. I can't stand how it ended and it would be the best thing ever if you at least ended it! The way it ended is killing me, I found this book yesterday and I was up until 2 A.M reading the whole thing until I saw the last chapter. And this book is truly amazing! I cried(yes I cried at some parts), laughed, smiled, went insane at those wonderful moments Izzy and Brendon had before they made it official.. I sound like an idiot but I seriously loved this book! Please please please update? There's no way that last chapter is the ending!! Also, you really should write more! Reading more of your books, I would definitely love reading more from you especially with how you put your stories! I feel bad for saying all of this, I just really want to read more from you.. :/


Please update the book is so amazing I can't stand the cliffhanger like seriously you're killing me lol please update soon it made me sad that the last time it was updated was like 2 years ago because its so good. So please update if you get this message :)


like do Brendon and Izzy get married? just one chapter is all I ask for. Brendon can propose to Izzy and the get married and live happily ever after. or not. I just need to know what Ryan's plan is to show the girls their true feelings. I'm on a cliffhanger, buddy.