I’m considering posting the first 5 chapters on here, just as a small sneak peak of what it will be like to read MMFG on wattpad.. would you guys like that? 
          	The chapters on Wattpad are not as long as the actual episodes on YouTube.


@Girlyeditor Are you going to continue your yt channel?


@ Girlyeditor  yes


@Girlyeditor awwwwww finally! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yes we would still like that! :)


Hi author-nim
          I really luv your fanfiction and I already watch all episodes on YouTube before.
          I was wondering will there be a season 2 to "meet my fake girlfriend" .
          I really love it.♡♡
          And I hope you keep up the fantastic work hun ❤️❤️
          And you and your family stay safe and healthy during the tragic time ❣️
          I purple you 


Hallloooo Girlyeditor's authornim~ just wanna say imissyouuuu, i will wait for your story updates! Hope your doing fine and great, always take care of your health! Loveyouuuu to the moon and back ❣️


I loved the fake girlfriend book and I’m willing to wait for the next and all the updates ‘till it’s done and I wish it’s as soon as possible ‘cause I freaking fell in love, but no pressure. The book is awesome. 


Finished MMFG on youtube and here i am. And ahhh it hurts more. Especially when he commented on the Beauty and The Beast 


Hey.I really love your ff Meet my fake girlfriend.It is really nice and original.I am currnetly writing a book called Painful Love.I would love for you to read it and give me some hints also to make other people aware of it.Thanks♥