I think I'm going to go insane if I don't eat something. No really. I haven't eaten since tuesday. THAT WAS 6 DAYS AGO! My mom didn't feed me cuz I didn't get a 100 on my science test. Oh- hello. I didn't see you there. You probably think I'm insane. I would too. But I should probably introduce myself. My name is G.K. 'Why in the world am I talking to myself?' you may be asking. The answer to your compensation is the fact that I have no friends whatsoever. 'Why not?' you may be asking. The answer to your second question is: Well... I dress in black almost everyday and don't do sports.. Yes, what a dweeb I am for not being colorful or optimistic, or playing sports. I won't disagree with you. The fact that I'm talking to somebody who really doesn't exist should be all the proof doctors need to put me in an asylum... Well I should probably be getting on with the story. That's why you came isn't it? Not to talk to some dweeb who has no friends. You probably have lots of friends. You're probably forced to read this! Uhhhh- welp... I can't say that I'm not surprised. I'm used to this- I won't hold it against you.... I'm rambling... OH WHATEVER! JUST GO! *Cries in a corner*
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