☾-Stars only shine-☽

꧁The ground was a dream꧂

💙~Elizabeth Schuyler, it's a pleasure to meet you!~💙

|About me|
Name~ Elizabeth Schuyler-Hamilton
Gender~ Female
Age~ Unimportant, my lovelies
Relationship status~ Divorced (and dating Maria)
Likes~ Children, my sisters, and telling people's stories
Dislikes~ James Reynolds, George Eacker, and Aaron Burr
Job~ Founder of an orphanage
Favorite activity~ Helping children in need

💙~I hope that you burn...~💙

|About admin|
Name~ Echo
Gender~ Genderfluid
Pronouns~ She/her they/them he/him
Age~ 12-15
Status~ Single
Sexuality~ Panromantic Asexual Demiromantic
Likes~ Friends
Dislikes~ Me

💙~I'm down for the count, and I'm drownin' in 'em!~💙

|Hamilton Family|
Alexander Hamilton~ @Alexander_Hammie
Aaron Burr~ @HelplesslyDevoted2U
John Laurens~ @infinity-wishes
Hercules Mulligan~ @WizardDemigod129
Marquis De Lafayette~ @-ifyouWEREgay
George Washington~ @elleryh2820
Martha Washington~ @Pan_Cookie_Dough
King George the Third~ @-Lets_Be_Real-
Angelica Schuyler-Church~ @-whokeepsyourflame
Elizabeth Schuyler-Hamilton~ @GetBurnt
Margarita (Peggy) Schuyler~ @x_xAURORAx_x
Theodosia Jr.~
Maria Lewis-Reynolds~ @AngelicaSchuyler-
Phillip Hamilton I~
George Eacker~
Charles Lee~ @oldermenanddrpepper
Samuel Seabury~
Thomas Jefferson~ @virginiaisbae-
James Madison~ @-tothefourofus
James Reynolds~
Theodosia Sr.~ @My_Sweet_Lemons
John Church Hamilton~
Eliza Hamilton Holly~ @Silver_TheFangirl
Angelica Hamilton~ @angiehamilt0n
William Stephen Hamilton~
Alexander Hamilton Jr.~
James Alexander Hamilton~
Phillip Hamilton~ @GreenEggsAndLams
Phillip Hamilton II~ @uhimnobodyhaha

💙~And I could be enough, we could be enough, that would be enough~💙

꧁Now it's a nightmare꧂

☾-In the darkness-☽
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