Hello this is me!
I am a pansexual genderfluid! Judge me all you want I don't care!
Am obsessed with anything Superwholock related :)
Ships -
Stucky (Sometimes)
Anime ships -
Makoharu LeviXErwin
Jarco CielXALois
ClaudeXSebastian UsUK

I am also obsessed with Marvel and I love Attack on Titan (Erwin is ma baby~<3)
So, I write fan fiction but sometimes I can be really horrible to the characters *cough cough* Stony *Cough cough*. Please don't like kill me or anything, that would be appreciated because I kind of value my life but you are completely welcome to like break a bone or something because of my infrequent updating.

I have light blue eyes and short dark brown hair. I have two cats called Mittens and Julie (I love Mittens but Julie is a complete dick but I kind of love her a bit). My favourite colour is dark green and I'm a Scorpio.
Where did that part come from?
Oh yeah, me. I doubt your interested that. *Sobs in a corner somewhere*
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