So uh, Im kinda new to this thing. Not good at grammar or spelling but just doing this for fun. If you like my stuff than you get a smile :) :) :) :0 ;0

****It would make my day if you looked at my story a bit and maybe posted a comment or two on it. Pretty please with a cherry ontop. Once iv'e posted the first 4 chapters read them, if you don't like them stop there but trust me you won't want to. Ahhh wait i'm sounding to arrogant again I don't know. Do what you want i'm not your mummy *******

Im a girliieeee btw

Part of:
-Dsmp Fanfictions
-Random Romance Stories
-Anime Fanfictions like (hxh, kamisama kiss, my hero, tpn, tbhk, basically anything else idk if you want you can check my Pinterest it says all of the things I am watching)
-Up to read anything
-Oooh! Also Miraculous Fanfictions
-This isn't about fanfics but I also love Minecraft so once I get it on the computer y'all can add me on there

If you want to talk here is my discord: Fruku #7813

I hope you have a lovely day beautiful human being <3
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Story by .-. Fruku .-.
Just to Save You by Fruku_the_Frog
Just to Save You
'What do you think about time travel?' Ebony said with a glimmer in her eyes. 'I don't know I don't think muc...
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