I'm a seventeen year old professional ghost reader on wattpad (I feel bad for having done that after I wrote my own book). 
Cats are cute but... they stare! And why does it look like they are always planning on something? But they are cute so... huh.
I'm thinking of random things now Like how the people in math problems buy too much quantity of every stuff ( Jeff bought a hundred doughnuts. I'm like, Why Jeff Why? why don't you just go do what you do, like kill people!) and measure all weird things like shadows of buildings, coins (Look, I found a coin! now I should know the area, dimensions and volume of this awesome thingy), a stack of coins ( why not put all the coins I have on top of one another and repeat the process? I'm a genius!!!), Bla bla bla...

Eh, ok, enough said. I swear I'm normal! I'm not crazy. Promise *insert nervous laugh*

Sincere thanks to all the people who read my book and vote/comment, it means a lot.
- L
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I'm doing some major editing of the book, Enigma. It will take some time so I will not be posting another update for a few days. I have edited the first three parts. You can check them out and tell m...
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