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#FreeMentalIllness is a campaign created to help increase worldwide acceptance of mental illnesses and also stop the stigma of portraying mental illnesses inaccurately.

To join the campaign, all you have to do is add our hashtag #freementalillness in the 'About' section of your profile or create a new story (or have an existing one) that fits the criteria of Free Mental Illness and add the hashtag among your own tags. If you have a story fulfilling the criteria, add the sticker to your cover and make sure to include the hashtag!

Stories that include mental illnesses within books and are accurately portrayed will be in reading lists for you to browse through.

Share your story of dealing with a mental illness (whether that be someone you know or yourself) by sending an email to ! You can remain anonymous if you'd like.

If there are any problems with the sticker or something else, message this account.
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