"How may I serve you~?" You hear, as you stumble into the strange mansion. As you turn around, you see a maid. "Well, Why am I here?" You ask, And the 'girl' shrugs, just as unsure. "The master wished for you to come, but I have no idea as to why...." 'she' murmurs, leading you to the dining room. "But wait here, the master shall arrive, and before you ask, Im a guy~" he said winking, leaving you speechless as the little maid leaves. 

Name: Francis Bonnefroy
Looks:25 with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes
Represents: République Française
Sexuality:pansexual panromantic (autocorrect wants to separate the words-)
Motto: liberté, égalité, fraternité~

Admin time!
"Salut~" a woman says, or well, the master says as she walked into the dining room. "And he is normally the butler, but he lost a bet~" she purred, sitting elegantly at the head of the table, gesturing for you to sit next to her. As you do, the maid/butler, he'll you don't even know, walks in, bringing the nights meal. "I expect you to stay as long as necessary~" she said, and you nod. "Thank you for letting me stay Ms...." "Oh no need for that, just call me Mistress~"



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