- Lily; 14 yo.🦋

- Italian.🇮🇹

- English lover, even if my english sucks.

- I like learning new languages, I'm working on japanese :);

- bisexual af🏳️‍🌈

- love myself, love yourself︎︎.♡︎

- hey~ you wanna come in?✨

- kpop💛; kdrama💌; anime🌸; tv series💥.

💛- stray kids, tomorrow x together, bts, ateez, blackpink.

💌- a love so beautiful, meteor garden, angel's last
mission: love.

🌸-boku no hero academia, haikyuu!, one punch man,
death note, the promised neverland, tokyo ghoul,
demon slayer, yarichin b club, attack on titan.

💥- too much for remember everything.

- Felix is my husband oOf

- also Jennie is my wife ;)

⛔️ [ in this acc I'm not going to allow homophobia or racism.
So if you don't like lgbtq+ or people with different skin color,
religion and things like those, then go away,
I don't want you in my personal account.
If you'll not respect this then i will block and report you.
After this, I purple you all.💜 ] ⛔️
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