I loved reading your book *Letters*. It was truly amazing and it was a beautiful book to read. I can't wait to read all the books you've written. I currently started reading *Winter's idolatry* and I know it will be a fantastic book to read. Just to let you know, I often tell writer's if they have grammer mistakes in their books so they can fix them so if I spot any, I will inform you if that's ok. That's all I want to say.


Okay, first of all you are AMAZING! I skipped my test prep to read Not Mine and went on to read Not His, completed both books in like 3 hours and man did you break my heart! Like, with the first book it was going on good and I was expecting a cliche ending, but then you brought a John Green kinda twist and well, I still accepted it. But then I went for the next book and found myself rooting for Angelo AND Vincent, cuz it's so hard to choose between them and I literally don't know what I would have done had I been in Venezia's place. You weaved the story SO beautifully. I literally cried when Vincent told her to go and get Angelo and that scene will forever be etched in my heart! I LOVE THEM ALL(except for Oscar, he's an ass)! 
          (P.S.- If I fail my test, I'm blaming you.)


@nevergone2507  I literally just did the same thing


I can't find the sequel, and your work does not show in your profile here, just de 5 first, i would like to read them all! And the sequel from Not Mine.


I love every single story written by you,you are truly amazing.
           I am a new writer ,so please help me by reading my stories.
          and once again u are the best.


I have just finished reading your story "letters"
          It's a very interesting one to read ❤❤❤


Hi, I am writing a story called “After”. It is a murder mystery about a boy who is murdered and basically it deals with everything after his death and how is family tries to get justice for him.