cute little short story :)


I can't find the sequel, and your work does not show in your profile here, just de 5 first, i would like to read them all! And the sequel from Not Mine.


You are truly an amazing writer, your stories portray real life issues.. there’s a lot of lessons interwoven in it... the power of trust, loyalty and love. Keep it up don’t stop writing 


Your story 'Letters' is a beautiful, delicate and moving story about the power of simple comfort and trust. It's a intricately woven tale of hurt and then, new found love....
          Please keep writing ..


I love every single story written by you,you are truly amazing.
           I am a new writer ,so please help me by reading my stories.
          and once again u are the best.


I have just finished reading your story "letters"
          It's a very interesting one to read ❤❤❤


Hi, I am writing a story called “After”. It is a murder mystery about a boy who is murdered and basically it deals with everything after his death and how is family tries to get justice for him.


Hello everyone 
          I'm a new writer on wattpad although I have written a few books on radish among which two of them have reached 1 million + likes. 
          I have started writing my first book on wattpad and have posted the first few chapters. I hope you all will at least give it a look. 
          Although I have updated the description of two books but I will be completing 'hold me' first. It is more or less like fifty shades of grey while the other one will be cliche romance. 
          Link to ' hold me':