So my last chapter of WTB: 08 only published part. :/ I fixed it. Now you can go read the complete chapter lol


@Feline_Fan ive noticed a patten with your books ....i need lots of ice cream and boxes of tissues to console my self and a shrink to help me with my murderess intent against some of the abusive ass hats lol.  i love your work but i feel like ive been on one hell of an emotional roller coaster  through out reading them lol.


If you do see this, I just wanted to check-in and ask if you're okay. Are you doing okay? Life must be stressful right now.


Authors, beware this user.
          This user is stealing people’s books, unfortunately. If you are a popular creator I advise you to please go to their books and see if they have stolen your work. They have stolen my sinful series, along with ideas of another series I have. What they typically do is change the title and the names of the characters- but still keep some last names. It’s easy to point it out. 
          Please message me back if they stole your work. I want to get the word out and attempt to get their pages taken down.
          Also- if you are not a creator and happen to read a lot of wattpad LGBT books, I encourage you to look on their page and see if you can recognize any of the books! If so, please message me!
          Good luck to my fellow authors.