It seems you have stumbled upon my profile.


Stay if you want, but be prepared for late-night thoughts, weird stories, too many projects to manage, and that random creature tromping through my profile. I've named him Bloop.

You can call me Bea, Trixy, or Fantasy. You can call Bloop Bloop. No exceptions.

I am apart of le fandoms of:
-Marvel (comics and movies)
-Anything Marissa Meyer writes
-Anything Rick Riordan writes
-Harry Potter (mostly the Marauders)
-Once Upon a Time
-Queen (iT's A mEtApHoR, bRiAn.)
-Probably more but I'm ~lazy~

I am a female from 'Merica. I'm a Christan. And I swear I'm not drunk, I just act like it. Also, I will fite you if necessary :).

Meh friendos are:

If anyone ever needs to rant, just trip right into my pm's. I'll listen, but I am terrible at giving advice.

If anyone has any books on here for me to read, shoot me a recommendation (because I totally don't have enough to read).

My finished/postponed/discontinued works:
-One More: finished
-Fidelis: finished
-Bandit: discontinued

My current projects:
-My Mind: whenever I feel like updating
-Writing Updates: Occasional updates
-First Chapters: Whenever I find/write a new chapter
-Fantasy's Book Review: Slow updates/whenever I finish reading a book
-Bombast: Be prepared for a facelift uwu
-The Totally Not Cliche Book: Total redo, be prepared
-Shadow and the Spy (aka my pride and joy): weekly updates

I believe that's it. Go enjoy my books, if you want (but seriously go read Shadow and the Spy).

P.S. The horse's name is Ketchup and the rabbit's name is Lamp Oil.
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How???? Do people sing??? And it actually sounds good??? Like I've been watching cover songs for the last while and some of them are younger than me???? Teach me your secrets, YouTube cover artists
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