Hey everyone! I love writing fanfiction and I obviously love 1D :) 

~Thank you from the bottom of my heart if you've ever reviewed me. Negative reviews are just as appreciated as the sweet ones; and I absolutely adore when I can evoke a reaction with my writing. Never doubt that your review is absolutely cherished by me!

I feel like I should warn you all right now that I am a hardcore Larry shipper. Yes, I do believe that Louis and Harry are "genuinely in a relationship". I know that may bother some of you, and if it does, then please don't become my fan. A Quiet Cacophony was written before I knew fully about Louis and Harry. By Chapter 17, I was a complete Larry shipper and finished only because of my wonderful fans. I will never again, though, be writing another het Harry fic--and sorry, but I don't read them either.

Fic recs:
Anything by BeautifulLiee
Anything by tinzrulez

*ATTENTION: I am on semi-hiatus because of school. Once I have some time to write, I will definitely finish "The Court of Versailles", read all of my friend's fics that they requested I read (*cough* Avery *cough*) and be able to be at least a little more active on Wattpad. If you have any messages you want to send me, I will definitely check them though! :) xoxo
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@SereStyles1D I don't read hetero Harry fics, it says that in my description. Sorry.x
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