"We're outlaws" Green Day

"Daydreaming of my funeral, like who would show, bet no one would go" Palaye Royale

"It seems that I'm not everything you wanted me to be. In a dream on the way to a hospital I'll slip away. And as you drag the lake and pull me out, do you feel my skin? It's cold" Pierce The Veil

"Everybody tries to tell me that I'm going through a phase, I don't know if it's a phase, I just wanna feel okay, yeah. I battle with depression but the question still remains; is this post-traumatic stress in' or am I suppressing rage?" Falling In Reverse

"Let's be alone together. We can stay young forever, we'll stay young- Cut me off, o lost my track. It's not my fault I'm a maniac. It's not funny anymore, no it's not. My heart is like a stallion, they love it more when it's broken" Fall Out Boy

"Would you be so surprised if I gave up tonight? I'm barely breathing, I wanna kill the pain I feel inside" Sleeping With Sirens

"Tattoos and a switchblade attitude. Snakebite heart with a bubblegum smile. Sex in stereo, don't turn the radio dial. She's dancing alone. I'm ready to go but she's so lost in the stereo, lost in stereo. She's out of control, so beautiful. In stereo, lost in stereo" All Time Low

~Loves music(obviously), art, some animes, Supernatural and some other random shite

R.I.P Big sis. Chester Bennington. Steve Irwin. Tom Petty. Mitch Lucker. Robin Williams. Derek Jones
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