Ash/Tyler, 19 and Pansexual. and before anyone may suspect something, I am a girl despite my name choice. I hope you enjoy my stories :D
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Stories by Ash/Tyler
My Arranged Wife? by FadedWolf17
My Arranged Wife?
Momo Yaoyorozu, the daughter of 2 of the most wealthy people in the world of business for Japan, The perfect...
Oc Wolf Faunus x Weiss Schnee by FadedWolf17
Oc Wolf Faunus x Weiss Schnee
Lucina Griffin, the daughter to a very successful couple that run Griffin Co, a famous clothing industry. How...
The Girl with 2 Souls by FadedWolf17
The Girl with 2 Souls
In this World Of Remnant, Grimm doesn't exist, however there is a more numerous amount of villain's and kille...