Welcome, welcome to my humble profile. No, no need to be alarmed by the strangely shaped lumps of stinky objects in the corner. Those are my... well, let's say, failed experiments.

Have a seat. I have cookies and milk if you want any.

Poison? No, I would never poison a guest, heh. You've done nothing to wrong me, so you're all fine. :3 Trust me.

I'm a free-writing author, so I don't really have a schedule. but I'll make a schedule if I need to.

I have a lot of interests, actually. A wide range of them. I like to read up on poisons, acids, and generally dangerous things. (Who knows, I might need the knowledge in the future!) I also am an avid learner of psychology; how the human mind works, emotions, habits and how humans interact with each other, all that intrigues me a lot. Aside from that, I like computer science and robotics (kind of different from my other interests, but meh).

My hobbies include playing games, reading, tennis, basketball, messing around with friends, doing labs with chemicals.

I prefer indoors than outdoors, I die under heat, yadda yadda.

Drop me a message! Let's be friends! (Also, enjoy your milk and cookies :D)

Discord link for Soul Seeking: https://discord.gg/wncynsY
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