So, I write SF/Fantasy, and sponsored a pair of online writing/critique groups on Yahoo, until Yahoo killed Groups. They had been around helping folks prep work forever.  Or over a decade anyway. Currently, I've three complete novels canned up,(shopping those) and am working on three others. I have run a column, I suppose you'd say, on writing, for Marian Allen's blog. Many of the entries are now harder to find, as the site has re-vamped.

Here, I have put up two novels, a novella, an assorted collection of shorts and two serial collections of shorts I've run up over the last decade that I feel to be good reading. Sort of waste not want not style of thing. Besides, there is the outside chance something might generate useful comment, and I can prove my copyright on the ones posted. I will add new material to the series short stories I develop, such as are featured in "Two Ghouls"

I listen to commentary on all I do. Good and Bad. As a line editor and beta reader, I do both, so that follows. I may serialize a story set or two here down the road, if the styles I use engender curiosity enough.

The background art above is my own design, part of a cover for work that is NOT here. I only began posting work in 2016, and intend to remove most of it by the current years end.

Reading list:
Randall Garrett, Roger Zelazny, Gordon Dickson, Terry Pratchett, Glen Cook, Raymond Feist, Terry Brooks, Issac Asimov, John Ringo, David Weber, Frederic Pohl, Poul Anderson, and everybody else.
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