Thanks to everyone who prayed for my cousin and his daughter. She has woke up and is talking. Someone told us she will have to be in the hospital for at least a year for therapy and they both still have a long road ahead of them


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I love your books! They were amazing and just wondered if you will ever be able to finish the story after Complete. Thanks again for writing these amazing stories!!


Ok I just have to say you discription is literally me I live hunger games and divergent and just finished maze runner and started scorch trails


Im sorry you probably have lots of messages but I'm just curious if your still active if not that is ok too!


Hi!! I just discovered your profile and OMG I love your books!! I just finished them all and I started yesterday  the quarantine gave me the opportunity to discover you. I hope that you are doing well. 
          I just finished the eight chapter on "Battles", and I got so hooked into it, are you planning on updating it anytime soon?