Biggest Viola vibes 




This is the exact vibe she gives of!


heyyy @Evemildred i have a serious question, so I'm obsessed with 'Polar Attraction & Stubborn Attraction' 
          and I was wondering if i could print it? I need your permission since it's your story, if you don't feel comfortable with me printing it's alright, I just want to have it physically. If you do allow me to print it I won't give it to anyone else unless you let the, I hope you answer 


You are fr my fav writer. i’d be cool if you made a sirius black fan fic. i love what you do with ur main ocs and their amazing girl boss personalities (my favs viola and rose ofc) 


Yo do you think it means i need help if i just searched
          Rosaleé Devaux x female reader 
          On my wattpad. I swear eve your stories broke me to another level bc i have never cried so hard over a fanfiction like you do not have the rights to do this to me. :( anyways hope your charger only works at a certain angle you broke me hunny.
          Lol kiddinh, i love you, its kind of like when you gk through pain but its fun. Ya know? Like your books traumatise me and make me need immediate therapist time but like im happy coz of it at the same time its rlly weird. Kind of like Rons tea leaf readng, your gonna suffer, but youre gonna be hapoy about it
          ~ your bisexual penguin


I love your writing!!! Just read polar attraction in a day!!! Keep writing!! Now excuse me, I need to finish the series. :)


this message may be offensive
@bernie12408   dont you will be broken, cry a lot like more then you would on your period, get depressed for about 2 months, conplain to your condused asf friends, think about it before you sleep whivh leads to a cry yourself to sleep session every sngle night, then a whole other depressing shit, find the pain a wicked source of your happiness and so you reread it only for you to go through the process again.