Hey everyone! I'm recently working on my new book that I haven't published yet! 
Get fucking excited. You won't regret the time you're going to spend, reading my book.

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary.

Contains: Strong language, sexual content.

Age: 15+ (but who cares tbh. Read whatever the fuck you want).


Important to know about my books:

~ Will always have an important message.

~ Will most likely contain humour.

~ Most likely to be at least a little dirty.

~ Will ALWAYS have a happy ending (or else I'll warn ya).


A B O U T ○ M E

Passion: To create.

Dream/Goal: To help others.

Hobby: Living life to the fullest🧤

Experience: used to write fanfic, got 130k, but now I wanna write a book with my own characters.

Favourite author: Penelope Douglas

Things I'd like to do: Own my own camera and get the greatest shots. Of. Everything.

Type: Don't really have a type but... I like brown hair (or black) with a stubble. Oh yeah.
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