Greetings people! It's been long since I've posted anything here. Today I'm here to announce about a helpline which is available for all to join and open to apply! 
          	The CLN helpline is a peer-run helpline with people who have experienced what you are going through and are willing to talk and help you out if you need it. 
          	They have experience in helping people who are dealing with depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicide, mental illness, eating disorders and more.  They are available even if you just need someone to chat with because you are feeling a bit down or bored.
          	They believe no one should have to face any problem alone. They are active almost 24/7 having helpers all around the world. 
          	They are also hiring new and plenty helpers of all ages from all places! If you are also willing to help and be helped by others, do join their Discord server!
          	Get offer:
          	Private channels to talk
          	Voice channels and therapy
          	5 music channels
          	Open discussions
          	Support groups
          	Positivity channels
          	Sleep VC's
          	Their Wattpad Account:
          	Their Discord Server:


@EttilaSharif last you saw?? Look again at the group haha xD 


@EttilaSharif thank you so much for the consideration!! :D♥️♥️hope you’re well!


❝Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work in hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus. ❞
                            Alexander Graham Bell
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                                 HIRING Alert
          ❀┊Bonjour to all the starlets reading this!!┊❀
          ↳Now let me know, are you a good writer or an aspiring Graphic designer?? Maybe you are great at planning events or judging books
          Do you think managing a community or hosting an event is what you specialise at?
          Or is it something else?? Well whatever it is, do you want to have a platform to showcase those unique talents of yours??﹏﹏﹏‍ 。˚✩
          ♡☆Ofcourse Yes right!!! Well who won't?☆♡ 
          ✶   : · Then here's that golden opportunity The Astronomyella Community is giving to you to 
          bring out that talented y/n inside you in front of the world as audience. How??
          To know the answer go and check out our hiring book where you will get your answers.
          °•*⁀➷So now pull the breaks of your boring life car and hop into our spaceship to experience a frolicking rollicking ride of your life!!!. * .·.  . ✧:. ·.


Hi, it's me again. In just wanted to promote my 'new' (re-published) book.
          "If you knew who Professor Orla's daughter was, what would you do?" I could hear the nervousness in my own voice. 
          "It depends whether she was involved in her mother's plan or not" Cassandra answered unbothered. 
          "What if she was? "
          "Why are you asking this all of a sudden?" She asked probably starting to get suspicious. 
          "I just wanted to know what we should prepare" I was starting to think that was a lame excuse. 
          "Well if she was, I would make her pay for my sufferings in a thousand folds" She replied. 
             I knew what Cassandra had been through and it was all my mom's fault.  All I wish was that all that never happened.  But there's no way to turn back time now, is there?
               Cassandra Everland,  a high school girl gets something unexpected for her 15-year-old birthday.  She was used for inhuman experiments which resulted in the deaths of many but she was lucky enough to be the only one who survived. Now she's looking for clues leading to the murderers and planning her revenge with her best friend;Ciara Scarlet in 'Partners In Lies'
          Read Now ••••••>  <••••••


I'm happy for you! May you have a happy and blissful married life:)


@wild_imaginator16 ahaha I'm not sure if you're a staff in CLN or if you are in any CLN servers, but if you're not, thank you for your well wishes! I'm blessed ❤❤❤


Your community posted an announcement informing that you're getting married so yeah:)



@lexigreats hi! It's alright. And well, I had gotten dumped into a huge reader's block yk? And I recently came out and started reading again so like I have TONS in my reading list and library, but I'll put yours in so I can read it soon Inshaallah. Happy reading and writing <3