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Hello Everybody!

I am just your average joe writer who dreams up amazing new worlds that would probably scare the daylights out of me if I had to live inside them... Lol. There is something awesome about detaching yourself from reality and getting wrapped up in characters who'd most likely try and kill you if they had the chance; me because I talk too much and care too little I'd probably be shackled and hung for the buzzards.

This is, of course, is if I were to live in my western world of Civiland...

Oh yes, my story!
#1 'The Iron Alchemist' in 'The Iron Slingers' Trilogy is the first of, well, three books... Hints, that's why they call it a Trilogy lol. I am all about connecting with my readers because if you don't have readers than whose to tell you your book sucks! lol. Or rocks for that matter. *Gets on knees* Please tell me it's awesome! Just teasin' I am not a beggar on most days... Unless you've got Ice Cream than I may just make a peep.

All jokes aside, I'd be nothing more than pleased if you'd like to give constructive feedback on my story! Help me shape my world! I invite it because you are the ones who enjoy reading it! :)

Favorit book? Umm... The Red Badge of Courage (I love the Civil War Era) although I LOVE me some Game of Thrones too!

Favorite Author? TBH, I like writers who inspire others and not just in it to win it. :)

What makes my story unique? Because Gunslingers are dueling in Colosseums! How AWESOME is that!

One word of advice for writers? Set aside time to write and be consistent at it. It is a long process and you'll thank yourself later. Also, write what you want to write, not what you're told to write. You will not be passionate about it if you're writing for somebody else.

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