I just took The Love For Diamond down.
          	A lot of you guys started reading it and ruined the whole outcome of TDOTA. I took it down so you won’t be tempted to spoil it for yourself.
          	It’ll be up very soon :)


@EnigmaticBrunette good call just reading the summery is spoiler enough and the suspence for it is worth it for ftr's. I'm tempted to just put a load of #rr but (no spoilers, I wouldn't do that) I'm holding myself back but you've really improved the story like a real level up and i still love the characters so i'll be waiting to continue the love for diamond.


@EnigmaticBrunette I was just searching for the sequel. I hope u put it back soon. 
          	  Author, you have amazing writing skills. This is a really good book. Hope you update soon and we will be able to finish reading it.
          	  Thanks again


@EnigmaticBrunette i just finished TDOTA and am so looking forward to the next one. Leaving me wanting more!!! 


Is the danger of the apha dune then or is there more before the sequal and when will the sequal be comeing?