@1DMixer_Steph hey sure! I'm just gonna chaange it up a bit if you don't mind.


Thank you for following me. I hope you enjoy my books, if you're not reading them you should. Plus I'm starting this new thing. Every new follower I get will get a chapter dedicated to them. This will be taking place in my book 'Last Love' so look out for that. I have a few to do before you but it will get done. Again thanks for the follow.


Hey Emely! I remember you from Flipnote Hatena... You were (and still are) one of my favorite writers <3 Idk if you remember me but my user on hatena was ^Steph%u2190 I wrote 'You Never Knew (a zayn malik fanfic)' well I wanted to know if you're going to post 'Those Stupid Words' on here.