Hi! This is a joint account made by Elena and Nataly! (Originally @laneybug1Dxo and @AmazingNataly) We made this account to write our fanfic The Shared Journal and publish it with equal credit to both of us! If you fan, we'll definitely fan back!

A Little bit about Elena:

~green eyes, brown hair
~ Loves One Direction with her whole heart
~ lives in the USA
~plays the trombone and is in marching band
~ intends to be a published author
~ Christian
~opened minded and not (usually) a judger
~loves owls and pandas
~ Loves Chinese and Mexican food

About Nataly

- 14 :D
- Music is everything to me
- Bieliber and Directioner
- Got to love giraffes
- My biggest dream is to travel the world
- Got a sister, yEa
- Long, black hair and brown eyes, double yEa
PARTY HARD! or go on tumblr, facebook is a option to, maybe even instagram, hey might as well Che k your email while your at it, BUT EITHER WAY, YOU ARE AMAZINGLY FABULOUS PERSON
- did I mention that I am random? O.o
- Ah okay well bye loves

Well that's us! :D
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