So alone. 


@ERoseAuthor hey are you okay?❤


You ok?


Hey, are you okay? ♥️


I know this is your story but can you please not make her end up being fine with everyone from her high school. Can she leave the rehab centre a badass and walk into the school like a boss. If not I totally understand since it’s your story but can you plz reply and tell me so I can change my expectations. Thank you.


Hey RoseGang! 
          Out of curiosity- if I were to finish editing the Bet The Bet That Broke Me- and if I self published it on amazon; would any of you bee interested in buying a hard copy of it? I’d keep the price super low and affordable because I want you all to be able to have it if you wanted it. 
          Love and luck always 
          Rose (Emily R Andrews) 


@ERoseAuthor i would buy it!


@ERoseAuthor i would buy it!!


Most definitely


There are four reasons why I am still alive today. And four reasons why every time I’m so close to ending it; I keep on going.
          Reason one: my sister and my best friend. I could never put them through such a pain because I know that If I lost one of them I wouldn’t be able to live without them. The thought of the pain they would go through absolutely destroys me. 
          Reason two: I always end up convincing myself to hold out a little longer because I want to be there to see things get better. 
          Reason three: You guys. My writing. You guys always tell me what a difference I’ve made in your lives & how I inspire you, but in truth you guys inspire me beyond reality. You push me to keep going. Just the thought of being able to brighten your days is enough to keep me holding on a little longer. 
          Reason four: the realization that If I’m alive I’m able to keep others alive. My whole goal for my life is to dedicate my time to helping others grow and find themselves through all the dark times when they feel lost or alone. I want to help others like me. And that’s why when I look over the edge; pondering what it might feel like to finally have peace- I always stumble back because I know there are others like me. Others leaning over the edge and if I jump then who will pull them off the edge. 


You hang in there there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been through more than I can possibly text. I have lost so many people I love it’s indescribable. I was also not suppose to be alive after being run over and crushed under a semi truck. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Keep your head up. You make a difference in others lives more than you know.