I REALLY wanna Rp MHA second gen with OCs but I don’t wanna bother the certain person I want to with :(


Hey there! It would be appreciated if you interact with my latest MB post,thanks hun! ♡
          ~Kia,The elements leader 


I̻ t̻h̻o̻u̻g̻h̻t̻ H̻e̻l̻e̻n̻ K̻e̻l̻l̻e̻r̻ w̻a̻s̻ H̻i̻l̻l̻a̻r̻y̻ C̻l̻i̻n̻t̻o̻n̻- 
          K̳i̳l̳l̳ m̳e̳. 


Mina, i'm sorry if I scared or upset you. I shouldn't have said that, I said it because that thing is what keeps me safe when I go outside.
          I wasn't thinking when I said it, I won't say anything like that again. 
          I feel really sad right now and I don't know what to do. Can we please talk again? Again i'm sorry for saying what I did the other day.
          When we talk you really help me calm down.


            Why would I be upset or scared? I’m not following-


I wrote a whole freaking book about a teacher I hate in this status update thing, IT DELETED IT ALL! EVERY SINGLE LAST FREAKING PIXEL.


            I knoww
            I hate it when I spend, what, a whole half an hour on a post here, checking all the words for correct spelling, and theN I MISS CLICK ONTO SOMETHING ELSE AND, UGGHH.  It just deletes EVERYTHING.