Hello guys and girls my name is Dragonsofchaos but you can call me, dragon,  chaos, nightmare. 

in my story's the protagonist will always be an asshole and evil type of character. Also most or all of my story's will involve undertale so get used to it.

Also I like making yandere story's and cheater storys.

(I used to make N&A story's. But i stopped, unless i possibly do it for other characters besides the mc.)

Ps: I will try to even my story's and fan fics updates out. And i only update story's on sundays.

Also Freakskullz98 is my favorite author.

KillerExile is my second favorite author.

Grimcreeper582 is my third favorite author.

(Month august day 5th year 2018 500 followers)

(Month august, day 8th, year 2019,1000 followers)

Readers if you can't Handle gore or hate it don't read the story's or fan fics I create.

(For those people who choose to read, my story's.)

Read the chapter's from the prologue to what's ever is up next and keep going from there.

(Anime's I like)


Tokyo ghoul

Highschool dxd

Infinite stratos

Is this a zombie?

Trinty seven

Assassination classroom

Black butler

Black ballet

Future diary

Date a live

Log horizon


Yugioh series

Death note


Clockwork planet

Machine doll

Akame ga kill

Kill la kill

Heavens lost property

Hellsing ultimate abridged (tfs version)

Sao abridged (swe version)


Absolute duo

Elfen lied

Goblin slayer

(Abridgeds I like.)

Tfs hellsing and dbz abridged.

Swe sao abridged.

Persona 3 and 4 abridged.

Fate zero/apocrypha/stay night ubw abrudged.

Overlord abridged

And a few different rwby abridgeds.

(Games I like)

Sao fatal bullet

Stella glow

Devil survivor 2 record breaker


Fnaf series

Fire emblem fates

Fire emblem awakening

Fire emblem echoes

Persona series (3 through 5)

Disgia 4

Dark souls 1 through 3.

Infamous series.
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Dragonsofchaos Dragonsofchaos Aug 19, 2020 10:14AM
Random question about rwby vol 5.Did sienna die before or after, ghira gave his speech?(I am talking about timeline wise. Not episode wise. And i was watching unforeseen circumstances just now.)
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