Oh sheet it’s a person !
          Well I wanna say welcome to the world of wattpad  ,   I’m Sarah roleplaying as a levy Mcgarden character on here ! Either way you’ll definitely love everyone you meet  !   There are a lot of people who attend to do a lot of roleplays , random books , etc ..  anyways I do hope you enjoy your experience here if you need anything please feel free to message me uwu 
          Oh and one last thing keep on smiling dear angel friend because you shall no longer be alone xD


Who needs sleep before working at 6am. Alarm goes off in less then a hour and I couldn't stop reading your stories. Coffee to my rescue for today it is. 


I wish you luck ! enjoy this app it has some great story’s and some good fairy tail fanfics !  I hope you read lots of story’s and fanfics ❤️❤️❤️ -kcl lily