I’ve updated some chapters of Gojira Musume. I’m working on a new chapter, and it’s a lemon. It’s my first lemon in awhile so it might be a bit sloppy.
          	But on the note of updating stories, I’ve noticed some of my chapters have reverted to previous rough draft saves. I don’t know why but I’m working on fixing those mistakes.


Hello. Sorry for the interruptions, but I must introduce myself to you. My name is coke master and I’m good at collecting all male reader stories. I've created some reading lists just to get everyone’s attention. If anyone around here is interested step by because you know where to find me. I’m sending this to repeat.


If I can ask why do you make so many stories only to never update them again they are good ideas if it’s because you don’t know how to continue them add something to the plot to create some drama it’s your story we won’t judge you for it


and a lot of it