Dearest Author,
          I am not saying I am qualified to judge pieces of writing or books whatsoever, I mean I am quite young still, but holy. F***ing. S***. I’ve read too many books to count, but never in my 5 years of specifically reading fan-fiction have I read something of such beautiful quality. You, and I say this with my utmost sincerity, can write a goddamn story. You’ve taken two characters from an extremely popular book and movie franchise and developed it into something purely amazing. I just really wanted to express my love for your writing because when I’m having a hard day/time in general, I like to read and you better believe my reaction was quite entertaining when seen from afar when I’d noticed you had updated something(I may have screeched but we needn’t discuss that) One last thing though before I come to a closing point, just... thank you. What you do is truly art and it’s just fan-flipping-tastic. 
          I wish you luck with all of your future works or whatever you choose to pursue.
          -A very pleased reader


I really love your work and I look forward to reading every story. The way you write Drarry just never disappoints. I had read all the ones on Wattpad, apart from ‘Whatever You Want, Draco Malfoy’. However, recently I couldn’t contain myself and made the mistake of reading it, despite knowing that it is on hiatus. Now, I cannot get enough of the story, so I was wondering if you were going to continue it? I would love to see how the story develops. Of course, if it’s not a piece you wish to continue anymore, I’m sorry for seeming pushy or rude. Anyway, thanks a million for all the amazing stories you give to us. I live for these. 


Read it all I mean it Read it all
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i recently found your work and it is awesome! I think you do a great job keeping people in character. I think my favorite of your stories is seven steps, or maybe paper hearts. I love how Draco's just sitting there folding hearts in the library like all day and Harry has to have a collection tin. so perfect!


I love your stories they are very well written and I’m extremely happy you decided to share them with us 


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