Heyo Weirdos! I ain't gonna give u meh name cuz y'all could be working for the government   ( ̄³ ̄) soooooo calls me Zack! Also, no I am not a boy, or a girl.

I'm dead *fingerguns*
No but srsly, I'm Nonbinary so plz use They, Them, Their and even He, his and Him!

Now I is a HUGE fankid. These are just SOME of Mr fandoms:
PJO, Heros of Olypus, Trials of Apollo, Kane Chronicles, Voltron, SPIDER-MAN, IT, Steven universe, Gravity falls, Adventure Time, Some Sander Sides, ummmm I THINK that's it.

These r me FAVORET bands!
MCR, Green Day, P!atD, Cave Town, FoB, Puddle of Mudd and I LOVE Crab Radio (is that how it's even speld?)


I'm Pan, but lean more towards the girls side

I know pick up lines, poems, and deep quote so if y'all wanna hear any just ask! I also do follow for follow :)

(◠‿・)-☆ (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

If y'all have any questions just asssskkk! Plz read meh books and I don'tz care if u tag meeeee mk bye 4 now weirdos!
- Zack 🖤 ( ˘ ³˘)♥(⌐■-■)
  • either, Camp Half-blood or the underworld :P
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Dolores_Hades_Child Dolores_Hades_Child Mar 26, 2020 05:23AM
Okey I have an important question-Who is the most attractive person from Disney????I say Moana, Meg from Heracles, Lidiya from BettleJuice annnd Emily from Corpse Bride
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