Okay, so hello. My name is Seb and I am Cole's Best friend i guess and him and angel broke up s I get the account because... i want it, And I can. 

-15 turning 16
-From cali
-I hate banana flavored candy.
-@_butterflyIsbae_ Is MY Dolly, No touchy touchy . You touch, me kill. Got it? good. Love you.
-@13143angel is Kitty, She is nice unless you make her mad then she will scratch your eyes out. But if you touch her will put a bullet through her brain. Love ya kitty.
-Fuck with me all you fucking god damn fucking please put if you dare to even fucking think of laying a god damned hand on either of them you will die in a slow painful mother fucking death.
-I like to talk as long as you do not piss me off :)

Hiya this be @13143angel :) Zeb you have been hacked. This dude right here -----> is "engaged" to my bestie @_butterflyIsbae_ (not for real just kidding) But do not mess with him he is scary when he wants to be 0_0 . Okay bye bye, Xoxo, love ya, Angel. BTW my name is NOT kitty zeb.
this be @_butterflyisbae_ and you been hacked by me okay first thing firsts I'm the realist... jkjk no but for real first thing first he be my minion not yours but mine so don't try anything Or eles... I will let you think about that one Well Yeah that's all he is cool pm him whenever's i guess just dont try anything because he be mine. okay love ya byez.

Peace. *rides skate board away*
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