Just a few things about me
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- I'm obsessed with reading

- I spend most of my day sleeping or laying in my bed

- I can't live a day without reading Divergent, Hunger Games or Maze Runner

- I love sports

- I'm a Grayson girl, sadly

- Swimming is my hobby

- I'm really weird

- I love food

- Grayson and Ethan Dolan are amazing. They are my air, my food, and most of all they are.....

- I'm on wattpad way to much

- I've been here for almost a year and I don't even have 54 followers :)

- My Zodiac Sign is Virgo ♍️

- My favourite wattpad books are The Alpha Series, by @Midika, and Troublemaker, Matchmaker, and Heartbreaker by @Fayeaden


- Oh yeah, and if you havent noticed I'm a very awkward social being and spend too much time reading and on my phone. Love you :)

-Food is great

- Too bad you don't get payed for watching Netflix because I know that I sure would be a billionaire

- Did I mention the Dolan Twins? Oh yeah; sorry, I seem to forget things easily.

Some books I've read over my lifetime;

Hunger Games
Maze Runner
The Mortal Instruments
Warrior Cats
The Fault In Our Stars
Harry Potter
The Uglies
The 100
The Selection

What I watch on Netflix;

The Flash
Legends of Tomorrow
Stranger Things
Greys Anatomy
The Walking Dead

- Panic! At The Disco
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