If you ever need someone to talk, come DM me. Either on Wattpad, or if you know me on Discord. Don't be afraid to send me anything if you need it. My doors are always open!!  :)

Just a fangirl, don't mind me. You might find me on a lot of MCYT books. I know I have problems. I am an introverted antisocial hermit gremlin thing. AKA: IAHGT
Sex: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: straight

=-=-=-= WattPad Fam=-=-=-=
Me: ✨@Dinodog8000 (the odd one)✨

Married to: @IamJustCam (mwuah <3)
@Spinosaurus209 (mwuah <3)

Daughter(s): @sunnywasfound (Me, Cam, and Spino's adopted daughter)

Son(s): n/a (lol)

Dad: ✨@Uska_Mora (lawd have mercy for his sanity)

Mom: @JumpaStoleACrown (lawd have mercy for their sanity, married to Uska)
@Jaydens_crap_yee (My second mother)
@Sama_ships (married or divorced to Rynnie)
@xxaerrynn (married or divorced to Sama)

Baby-Sitter: @s0m30n3_h3ll0 (lawd have mercy for their sanity)

Step-Father: n/a (lol)

Step-Mother: @CHOKEMENISHINOYA (Gl1t's mom)

Aunts: @ShadowAunt2021 (oh boy)

Uncles: n/a (lol)

Siblings: ✨@TheNeonMeer (the asexual gremlin)
@AmandaTHEPOPCORN (My favorite sibling, and my twin)
@AntisocialPessimistA (the cryptic bitch- aka: Thing)
@TrucHuynh546 (a potato)
@ohpogg (constantly pogging, also the coolest)
@VaryBeloved (Blackhole)
@Blissful_Blueberries (Thing)
@CamillHere (Blink)
@Elder_Helen (second favorite sibling)
@Marmar0454 (Blackhole)

Sister-In-Law(s): @bbumblee (married to Neon)

Brother-In-Law(s): n/a (lol)

Nieces: n/a (lol)

Nephews: n/a (lol)

Friends: @pinktintedskies
@ [reserved]
@ [reserved]
@ [reserved]

(not everyone, too many peeps for that)
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