My life elixir is now Haikyuu!!
the biggest simp you'll ever meet

For all wondering I'm married to Domi, not Declan. I have Lynch as my last name coz I'm declan's other lil sis that was thrown out.

I fucking love everyone, I just don't love fucking everyone

The #1 Domino fan bitches!

Profile pic art by @/lynsian on Instagram/posted on @/decomiwavesradiating acc

I'm married to Dominic, Oikawa and Aaravos

Bentley, Blake, Caleb and Keefe are my husbands as well coz I believe in ✨polygamy✨

Naomi is a Queen. Brennan is a goddess. Lynn is babie.

queer to the core

I have my own creep, what you got?

Break my heart.
Break my a heart a thousand times if you like.
It was only ever yours to break anyway.

im not funny but i try to be so just fake laugh to keep me going

im just a weird ass mf in a world of weird ass mfs

sometimes i can be funny, but i bet u 1.25$ if u pretend to not like me, i will flirt my ass off with you. (coz the hard to get ones r the best)

online friends are THE shit bro. fuck real people they're fake asf

sadly im a teenage drama queen with a ranting problem

vegetables aren't healthy, they're 'hell-thy' ( was so proud of that one wen i came up with it 💃🏽)

I have a life being busy pretending i have a life

if you saw my comments, no u didnt stob lying

denial aint healthy, so i make sure to take at least 16 doses every day

realistic, not pessimistic bro

old disney shows, miraculous, the owl house, she ra, RWBY, The Dragon Prince

if u want a friend, pm me or dm me on Instagram

fake it till u make it son

Proud queer (and i don't mean strange coz im not strange im weird 👻)

"I'm not the dirtiest person you'll ever meet."

IG- dia.lynch_ / sophies.therapist

If you need a therapist ring me up, i'll give u terrible misguided advice

i'm friendly asf but mess with me and i'll tell my best friend

if you're still reading this, then ur like me and have no life whatsoever
Kudos to u my friend

sayonara bitch
  • prolly sobbing in ur bathtub
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DiaLynch DiaLynch Jun 25, 2021 06:55AM
It feels alien coming back here after so many months and seeing that stupid crackfic we wrote has 400+ views and just SO WEIRD. I legit came back so i cud try to find some fanfic for some of my fando...
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