✧It's ya gurl, Queen of Procrastinating™ here. But please just call me Demon as it's an online nickname I've become accustomed to.... 

✧I love cats, like really really love cats. Though I swear I'll only have like 3 when I'm living alone! Currently into Detroit: Become Human but I've also got a crazy supernatural world/creatures AU that I'm trying to get around to writing,,,

✧I'm a 17 year old bisexual demiromatic writer. I love writing and reading, especially the fantasy genre. Working mostly on fanfiction rather than my own work though.

✧I love music and I personally think rock is the best music genre, and I'm kinda into the bands Nothing More and Escape The Fate right now.


✧Love all comments/votes on my stories. My stories aren't fully edited so there will be mistakes.

✧Just a notice: All of my works are drafted until they're completed and then I will begin publishing them. It gives me time to revise multiple times to make sure it's at it's best quality.

【✿‹Ongoing Stories›✿】
➤N/A: kinda going through my archives and deciding what stories to ditch and what stories to continue/finally fucking write even though it's been literal y e a r s since I've written a chapter to any of my stories


✧I won't say anything if you hate on me but I will say something if you hate on my friends,

【✿‹Friend List›✿】


✧If you have any questions you'd like to ask me, just private/board message me! Promise to get to you as soon as possible.
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