NAME: Dominick King


AGE: 17


ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius


CLIQUE(S): Weeb, Nerd, Mental Patient, Emo

STATUS: Single? Nah.. Ask her- @Anime_Queen_Sama . I'm NOT a man hoe, btw, so fuck off. Do NOT touch her, talk wrong of her, make fun of her or any other shit you have for her AND me because if so, you won't like the consequences

QUOTE(S): "Don't piss me off.."
"I suggest you stay out of my damn way."
"Get out of my way, now, before I set you on fire."

LOOKS: Pale-ish skin
Has a black X on my right cheek
I have a few tattoos: A black/gold demon dragon on my back. A gold rose growing black vines from my shoulder, all the way to my fingers on my left arm. And has a demon heart over where my heart is
Has fangs and just a bunch of sharp teeth
Black hair and the back + sides of my head is shaved
Freckles on cheeks and nose
Ears are pointy
Left eye color: Dark blue that fades into light blue from bottom to top and black X shaped pupil
Right eye color: I have an eye patch. My eye is secret

CLOTHES: Diamond earrings in both ears, no shirt just a black leather jacket, black baggy sweatpants, black/gold Jordans, black socks. And wears a very special necklace

PERSONALITY: I love video games, music, reading (sometimes), animals, demons, high places, blood, drawing digitally, flying, soda, all kinds of candy and a lot of anime
Definitely NOT a hu- I mean, people person
Quite sadistic
Odd/weird, smart-ass, can be rude/mean and aggressive, flirty, switch, has surprising secrets, has all kinds of mental issues, loyal and caring + very protective
Really good with guns and knives. Though, I'm a sniper. Very good at sniping. And I love knives but I'm not normally good at close combat

WOLF FORM: All black with gold, thin, streaks/vines all over my body. Gold fades from the tip of my tail, ears and paws. My tongue and nose is gold, too. My eyes are gold with a black, X shaped pupil. Claws are gold, too
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*He waved* "Well, on my way to the psychiatric hospital." *He laughed* "Bye.."
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