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There was a sudden burst of laughter echoing through the aisles of the store, and Jesus Christ that was fucking loud. Holy shit- it's debatable whether or not it was worth finding out who was making that damn megaphone erupt or not. Good thing there was no need to make a choice, who ever it was clearly made a turn to your aisle, and boom awkward moment.

They suddenly burst into a fit of laughter, and once calming down, turned to you. "Yo! Sor-" he chuckled a little, or maybe he was just gulping down another fit of giggles "-sorry about that whole 'sudden laughter' thing, that just kinda happens." You nodded. He seemed, from what it looked like, a normal guy. He had blond hair that didn't really look like it was really combed, but lucky enough to pass as 'wild and free' which seemed to work for him. His eyes were blue behind some black rimmed glasses, and he wore a red and blue t- shirt with white pants ( which is surprising, as guessing from how he already acts, it should have been dirty by now). "The name's Alfred Fredrick Jones kiddo! But call me Allie or Allimundo, 'kay?" You nodded, a bit confused, but it didn't seem he really got that and just continued to smile like a dork until someone from another aisle started shouting his name, sounding a bit mad, and his face showed something like horror and amusement mashed up and served. "Hey, ya didn't see me, 'ight? Good! Well, I'm ollie ollie outta here folks, see ya soon kid!" And he quickly turned on his heel and quickly started running away. And then it all made sense.

Was that...light up sketchers?

ıllıllı ๏๏๏ ıllıllı ๏๏๏ ıllıllı ๏๏๏ ıllıllı


//EY lmao this means the admin's speaking btw
//If you'd like to be part of the countries my Alfred knows, make sure that they've spoken before and ask me about it!
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